Business Badgers Who ... Are Foodies

“I have shared countless meals with Business Badgers who enjoy good food. It is honestly the best way to network and make new friends.”

—Jonathan Weerts
(BBA ’00)

“Food opens you to new cultures and experiences that feed constant curiosity and learning. Being open to new food experiences has cultivated a sense of risk-taking and willingness to learn in business and a personal openness to new opportunities.”

—Alyson Kim (MBA ’08)

“I am in the process of starting a fine charcuterie company called Driftless Provisions—we take the finest organic hogs and create tasty dry-cured sausages. Growing up on a farm in rural Wisconsin taught me about the relationships that are developed with the land around us. If we don’t take care of the land and the animals, we are not taking care of ourselves. I moved to the Driftless Region, the heart of small family farming, in order to grow closer to my food chain and develop a product that I could create here and distribute all over the world. It is easy as a business owner to purchase the cheaper products and hold onto some of the thin margins that exist in the food industry. Balancing morals, consumer demands and elasticity, food costs, and resources is extremely difficult. Driftless Provisions will celebrate the relationships we share with the land, farmers, and animals.”

—Ryan Wagner
(B.S. ’13, MBA ’17)

“I love the combination of food and science—it makes for amazing dishes. For example, both molecular gastronomy and sous vide are passions of mine. When I cook for friends and family, they are amazed at the way food can be presented and enjoyed. I love giving people new experiences and the unexpected when dining.”

—Hethe Henrickson (MBA ’17)

“Cooking is a process of discovery. Once fundamentals are mastered, one is free to iterate around recipes and composition. In many ways, it becomes a journey akin to entrepreneurship.”

—John Philosophos (BBA ’79)

“I’ve traveled the world sampling and reviewing many different kinds of chocolate milk. I’ve learned lots about various chocolate milk trends and individual market idiosyncrasies, including packaging, popular ingredients, availability, flavors, and other factors that can differ significantly based on the location. My experiences with chocolate milk worldwide have taught me a lot about website development, brand building, digital content creation, and other newly acquired skills that have been built and/or strengthened through my chocolate milk passion.”

—Perry Argiropoulos (BBA ’01)

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