Why I Give

Punkaj Gupta (BBA ’01)

“I am a strong believer that education opens up doors that may not otherwise be possible. My sisters and I are the first women in our family to graduate from college and to work outside of the home. By giving back to the Wisconsin School of Business, I hope to make the success I found a reality for other first-generation college graduates.”

— Punkaj Gupta (BBA ’01)
Associate Director, Field Reimbursement, Alkermes

Students Thanking Badgers

Students Thanking Badgers

Wisconsin School of Business students thank alumni for their generosity. View Now »

Student Thanking a Badger

Patrick (BBA student)

“I would like to thank you for giving back to the university we all know and love! Contributions like yours help students like myself pursue our professional dreams!” Read More »

Student Thanking a Badger

Kirsten (BBA student)

“Your generosity allows so many intelligent students the opportunity for a higher education. We are so grateful for your support.” Read More »

Student Thanking a Badgers

Bryan (BBA student)

“Thank you very much for your donation to UW–Madison. As a senior preparing for graduation, I know that my experiences wouldn’t be the same without your generosity!” Read More »