Roadmap 2025

The Wisconsin School of Business has set a foundation for the future with a reframed mission, vision, and set of values. These core principles will guide our approach as we pursue the key priorities identified in our strategic plan, Roadmap 2025.

Our Shared Mission

We imagine, create, and lead the future of business by connecting and empowering a dynamic community of lifelong learners, scholars, and organizations.

Our Vision

We will be a premier global business school, shaping transformational leaders and resilient achievers.

Our Shared Mission
  • Relentless innovation
  • Purposeful action
  • Empathetic inclusivity
  • Impactful scholarship
  • Synergistic collaboration
  • Unwavering integrity

Create a global platform for Business Badger lifelong learning

Strategic Priorities

Build and deliver a top 10 BBA program icon

Build and deliver a
top 10 BBA program

An immersive and applied undergraduate program will be the foundation of our lifelong learning platform and a critical springboard for future business leaders. We are planning investments to modernize our curriculum, enrich the student experience, and strengthen career outcomes—resulting in a reputational leap as a top 10 business school.

Create a nimble, market-responsive graduate portfolio icon

Create a nimble, market-responsive graduate portfolio

Building upon the experiential learning strength of our MBA degrees, a more agile and market-responsive portfolio will meet the professional learning needs of our community. In order to create flexibility, accessibility, and personalization at different life stages, we are developing specialized master’s programs in emerging disciplines, innovating within our MBA programs, and building capacity to deliver stackable, on-demand learning.

Invest in research impact Icon

Invest in research impact

As an influential partner to industry, we will expand and deepen collaborations on complex business challenges to address the needs of the future workforce. To achieve this, we must grow the size, reputation, and market orientation of our faculty with stronger diversity, expertise around emerging trends, and cross-disciplinary capabilities.

Opportunities for Investment

Faculty Leadership

To achieve our aspirations to become a hub for lifelong learning, WSB needs to grow the size, reputation, and market orientation of its faculty. Investing in our faculty will support anticipated program growth, allow us to respond to emerging trends, strengthen our cross-disciplinary capabilities, and enable stronger partnership across campus.

Named faculty positions provide prestige, recognition, and resources to help the school recruit and attract leaders in their respective fields, and retain high performers who may otherwise be recruited away by other institutions.

Named positions may be endowed at three levels:
Distinguished Chairs—$3 million
Chairs—$2 million
Professorships—$1 million

WSB Fund

Unrestricted, annual support provides resources to act quickly and invest in urgent, high-priority needs to advance our strategic plan. The highest immediate priority for the WSB Fund is to invest in the student experience through enhanced career readiness and industry connections.

Your WSB Fund gift can have the following impacts:
$500 Fund one student to participate in a career trek with corporate visits in cities like New York, Chicago, or San Francisco
$250 One student’s travel to corporate partner site for job shadow or career workshop
$100 Sponsor one student to attend student-alumni networking event
$50 1 hour of career coaching


Scholarships, at both the graduate and undergraduate levels, help WSB remain competitive and accessible to highly qualified students of all backgrounds. This valuable support will recognize merit and help alleviate reliance on loans, making a business education possible for students regardless of their financial situation.

Gifts of any size to the WSB Scholarship Fund will help provide important unrestricted resources to sponsor students in any program. A gift of $50,000 or more can establish a new scholarship endowment to support a program of the donor’s choosing.

WSB Venture Fund

We have identified many program innovations to enhance our current degree programs and launch new offerings. Venture funds will provide critical resources to encourage WSB faculty and staff to act quickly and creatively in building and launching new pilots to elevate the student experience. This seed investment fund offers the opportunity for donor partners to collectively invest $4 million in support of program innovations that will enhance the reputation of WSB and generate sustainable funding longer-term. Donors may participate in the WSB Venture Fund by making investments of $25,000 or more.

Students Thanking Badgers

Students Thanking Badgers

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Student Thanking a Badger

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Student Thanking a Badger

Kirsten (BBA student)

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Student Thanking a Badgers

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