A Love for Numbers

Scholarship support helped Michael Medenblik further his education with WSB’s new master’s in business analytics.

Michael Medenblik (BA ’19, MS ’20) always had a knack for numbers. As a young boy growing up in the Madison area, he recalls rushing to retrieve the morning newspaper so that he could analyze the box scores from sports games.

When he came to UW–Madison for his undergraduate degree, he capitalized on his aptitude for numbers and majored in math and statistics. What he didn’t initially realize, however, was that he wanted to do more with his numerical abilities. That’s what brought him to the Wisconsin School of Business to pursue an MS in Business Analytics (MSBA), a new one-year program that enrolled its first class of students in the 2019-20 academic year.

“Math and statistics always just came much easier to me than anything else, really,” he says. “As my undergraduate courses became more advanced, the math got more abstract, and it became much less interesting to me. I just knew I wanted something more practical.”

During his senior year, Medenblik had the opportunity to do research with WSB’s Margie Rosenberg, a professor in risk and insurance and the Assurant Health Professor in Actuarial Science. She suggested the MSBA as a way for Medenblik to pursue a different career path while still utilizing his math skills.

As soon as I saw it, I felt like it was the program for me. The program is teaching me business fundamentals as well as how to apply them as a data and analytics professional.

Michael Medenblik (BA ’19, MS ’20)

“As soon as I saw it, I felt like it was the program for me,” he says. “The program is teaching me business fundamentals as well as how to apply them as a data and analytics professional.

“It’s a great learning environment,” he says. “Our class is about 25 people, and all our professors are really specialized and dedicated to this program’s success.”

“We view this new business analytics program as supplying a critical piece in advancing industry and in developing a skill set that’s going to be important for businesses in the future,” says Daniel Bauer, associate professor of risk and insurance and academic co-director for the program.

Medenblik received a scholarship toward the MSBA program tuition thanks to a pool of donor-funded scholarships designed for early participants of the program. He says the support helps him dedicate more time and energy to his education.

“I feel really blessed to have received this scholarship,” he says. “Scholarships for specific programs can really impact a person’s life and career.”

After graduation, Medenblik will start at Epic, one of the nation’s leading health care software companies, as a technical solutions engineer.

Although he’s excited to apply his new MSBA degree at Epic, Medenblik still dreams about one day satisfying his childhood dreams and working in a sports analytics role.

“It’d be great to be able to combine my love for sports with my love for numbers someday,” he says. “For now, I’m excited to start my new role and connect with other people who are as passionate about data and business analytics as I am.”

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