Investment Priorities

Investment Priorities

Students, faculty, alumni, and friends of the Wisconsin School of Business generate game-changing ideas and demonstrate leadership where it counts. As part of the All Ways Forward campaign, we’ve identified key areas in which you can have a significant effect on our future success. Your gifts, no matter the size, help us educate and inspire the business leaders of tomorrow.

WSB Fund

The Wisconsin School of Business (WSB) Fund provides flexible, unrestricted capital that allows us to invest in the highest priority areas, ensuring we remain competitive and provide an unparalleled student experience. Gifts to the WSB Fund support life-changing student experiences, including applied learning projects, distinguished lecture series, global trips, case competitions, and The Compass Program™. The WSB Fund also supports engagement with business leaders and alumni who share invaluable guidance and expertise with students.

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Innovation Fund

The Innovation Fund provides seed investments that spur educational innovation at WSB. Launched in 2011, the Innovation Fund allows us to embrace and refine ongoing advances in flexible learning spaces and new technologies. The fund also supports new partnerships with campus colleagues and the business community to train, mentor, and coach the next generation of Business Badgers who will lead our future companies, industries, and communities.

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Entrepreneurship Forward Fund

Through research, programs, and events, WSB trains and supports individuals to solve complex societal challenges, address market needs, and pursue their entrepreneurial ambitions. Gifts to the Entrepreneurship Forward Fund help enhance our research as well as grow and sustain our programs to inspire, equip, and connect students, and to foster the engagement of the entrepreneurial community. Gifts of all sizes, including estate commitments, are welcomed to grow this foundational resource for the Wisconsin School of Business.

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Incoming Wisconsin MBAs (L to R) Jack Hampson (MBA ’17), Joe Minor (MBA ’17), Christopher Hatton (MBA ’17), Qi Zhang (MBA ’17), and Adrianna Fie (MBA ’17) kick off their curriculum with an ethics session in the new collaborative learning classrooms during the Wisconsin MBA Experience.
Incoming Wisconsin MBAs (L to R) Jack Hampson (MBA ’17), Joe Minor (MBA ’17), Christopher Hatton (MBA ’17), Qi Zhang (MBA ’17), and Adrianna Fie (MBA ’17) kick off their curriculum with an ethics session in the new collaborative learning classrooms during the Wisconsin MBA Experience.

Learning Commons

To facilitate and foster transformational learning for our students, WSB is renovating its current library to create an integrated, three-floor “Learning Commons” that will act as a vibrant center for students, faculty, staff, alumni, and business partners to engage with one another. The new Learning Commons will include a state-of-the-art Finance and Analytics Lab, five collaborative learning classrooms, quiet spaces for individual studying and collaborative group work, and tutoring support services for students.

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Planned Giving

Planned and deferred giving supports the future success of WSB, ensuring that the School thrives and delivers programs that will position us as one of the best business schools in the world for years to come. The School greatly benefits from planned gifts such as bequests, real estate, life income gifts, and privately held business interests. Planned gift options support the institution while meeting both personal and financial needs.

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Named Scholarships

Scholarships help attract the most highly qualified students from all backgrounds and ensure that those students, regardless of financial situation, can attend WSB. Scholarships can alleviate reliance on loans and encourage graduates to make career choices based on their desired impact on the world rather than on debt repayment, which opens doors to pursue entrepreneurial ambitions or work in the social sector. Named scholarship opportunities exist in both endowed and expendable structures.

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Students Thanking Badgers

Students Thanking Badgers

Wisconsin School of Business students thank alumni for their generosity. View Now »

A Student Thank You Note

Nick (WSB student)

“Thank you for your continuing support of WSB. Your contributions inspire us all to make a difference and leave a lasting legacy now and beyond graduation. On, Wisconsin!” Read More »

Student Thanking a Badger

Caroline (WSB student)

“Thank you so much for your contribution to the university! It is because of the generosity of alumni such as yourself that I am able to pursue my passions and make the most of my experience here.” Read More »

Student Thanking a Badgers

Morgan (WSB student)

“Your generosity does not go unnoticed. You are doing great things for the university and we current fellow badgers thank you! On, Wisconsin!” Read More »